spring Menu

Grilled sourdough focaccia, pickle butter, prosciutto – 16

Chicken-fried oyster mushrooms, aioli – 20

Chilled asparagus salad, sauce gribiche, pine nuts – 17

Lettuces, sprouts, sunflower seeds, carrots, feta & goddess dressing – 16

Bowl of tomato soup – 12

Roasted chicken, tarragon, crème fraîche, garden greens – 32

Fresh pasta shells, sweet peas, mangalitsa pork sausage, cream, parmesan – 32

Petrale sole, seaweed-caviar butter, salted kohlrabi  – 32

Wild rice pilaf, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, greens, pistachio – 35

Filet mignon, bacon-gorgonzola butter, broccoli, roasted red onions – 65

Our sourdough focaccia served with miso butter – 9

Side of garlic & leek  farmer’s cheese – 7

Marinated olives – 7

Fries – 7

About Our Restaurant

Our menus feature fresh, local and high quality ingredients alongside daily harvests from our Chef’s Garden. Our Executive Chef Jacob Burrell has lead all kinds of kitchens. From plating intricate dishes at renowned Manresa (3 Michelin Stars) to curating an immersive beach dining experience at Parachute Bali to offering luxury cliffside dining at Big Sur’s Post Ranch Inn. He joined our team in late 2019 so chances are that you have him and his talented back-of-house team (Maribel, Juan, Adrian, James, Ian, Tristan, River, Angel and Ramon) to thank for making your favorite pairing.

Marinated mushrooms on toast

Chef's Garden

Our organic, regenerative Chef’s Garden grows over 300 different cultivars of heirloom vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers alongside laying hens and honeybees. Everything is harvested at the peak of freshness to be used in our restaurant. We focus on growing hard to find varieties and interplant edible crops with show stopping ornamental flowers, including an incredibly diverse selection of dahlias each summer. These colorful blossoms attract pollinators and star in stunning floral arrangements for our visitors to enjoy. The Chef’s Garden is open to all visitors and we invite you to take a stroll during your next visit!