While our goal is to release wines only when they are ready to be enjoyed, cer­tain wines can often evolve and taste even bet­ter after a few years of aging in the right conditions.

We hope this inspires you to dig deep into your cel­lar and enjoy some of those spe­cial bot­tles you have been saving!

Aging Chart Winter 2024


Each year, our wine­mak­ing team tastes through our entire library of wines and places them into one of the fol­low­ing categories:

EAR­LY MATU­RI­TY — fine to drink now, but will improve with age
PEAK MATU­RI­TY — a wine at its peak bal­ance of fla­vors
LATE MATU­RI­TY — a wine express­ing aged fla­vors
PAST PRIME — per­fect for cooking

While these cat­e­gories are use­ful in fig­ur­ing out when to drink a wine, wine evo­lu­tion is much more dynam­ic and unpre­dictable than a finite cat­e­go­ry would sug­gest. We feel like addi­tion­al expla­na­tion is help­ful! To read more about our process, click here »