Jes­persen Ranch

Edna Valley

Jes­persen Ranch is locat­ed in the San Luis Obis­po Coast AVA. The Nin­er fam­i­ly pur­chased the land in 2011 from The Blod­gett fam­i­ly, who spent years metic­u­lous­ly plant­i­ng the vine­yard with high qual­i­ty viti­cul­ture in mind. The site is just four miles from the Pacif­ic Ocean in the extreme north­west cor­ner of the Edna Val­ley, and the coastal influ­ence is appar­ent in the wine.

Photograph of a vineyard on a hillside, covered in green vegetation, with a growth of trees in the shape of a heart at its center.

Cli­mate & Soils

Edna Val­ley expe­ri­ences one of the longest grow­ing sea­sons in Cal­i­for­nia and is unique in its West to East ori­en­ta­tion. This opens up the val­ley to the wind and the fog from the ocean direct­ly to the West. While most oth­er cool-cli­mate grow­ing regions lie above the marine lay­er, the Edna Val­ley is at sea lev­el and Jes­persen Ranch is often cloaked with morn­ing fog. The slow, mod­er­ate ripen­ing afford­ed by this cli­mate yields com­plex fla­vors and boun­ti­ful acid­i­ty in our grapes. 

The clay loam top­soils are under­scored by lay­ers of shale and sand­stone which cre­ate a well-drain­ing and fer­tile land­scape with high col­or reten­tion capabilities.

A green, lush vineyard is shown with a sign saying "PN" for "Pinot Noir" and other technical information about the block.
Green and lush Grapevines are shown running up hillsides in a few different directions, with a blue sky in the background.
An extreme coastal climate, fertile soils and diverse vines create a remarkable nexus

Vine­yard Map

The vine­yard is plant­ed to a diverse set of Pinot Noir and Chardon­nay clones, with small­er plant­i­ngs of Albar­iño, Sauvi­gnon Blanc, Syrah, Grenache and Pinot Meunier. 

A map showing details of the vineyard, such as types of grapes and acreage planted to different types of grapes.
Pinot Noir and Chardon­nay are the stars of this site, where fog­gy morn­ings and ocean breezy after­noons pro­duce an ide­al climate.
A bottle of Niner Wine Estates Chardonnay with a silver label is held up against the backdrop of a lush, green vineyard with mountains in the background.

The cool climate of Jespersen Ranch produces layered and complex wines, with bright acidity and beautiful aromatics.

A woman winemaker is shown standing in the vineyard, with a bottle of wine in her hand as she gestures towards the vines.

Meet the Winemaker

Molly Bohlman

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Molly has held positions from the vineyard to the cellar. She is responsible for crafting all of the wines from Jespersen Ranch. She has a partner in Patrick Muran, who is our Winemaker responsible for making Heart Hill Vineyard wines.