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Coffee + Wine Pairing
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Coffee + Wine Pairing
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A fun way to enjoy our barrel-aged coffee, this package pairs our coffee with the same wine that the barrel we aged it in held! For the next few weeks we are sending a bottle of our 2015 Petit Verdot with the most recent batch of coffee which was aged in a Petit Verdot barrel.

Why age coffee beans in barrels? Unroasted beans are extremely porous and absorb the scents and flavors that surround them.  So aging coffee beans for a short time in freshly emptied red wine barrels infuses the coffee with rich oak and fruit notes. The resulting coffee is strikingly aromatic. The barrel elegantly accents coffee’s natural flavors, and Joebella roasts small batches weekly so that you know your coffee will always be fresh and fragrant. We recommend enjoying within two months of purchasing for optimal aromatics and flavor!

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