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Barrel Aged Coffee
Merlot Barrel-Aged

Barrel Aged Coffee
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The result of a happy marriage between coffee & wine, our barrel conditioned coffee program combines some of our red wine barrels with freshly roasted local coffee from JOEBELLA Coffee Roasters. The result of each batch we make: a new (and socially acceptable) way to get your wine fix before 8am. Click here to learn about our coffee making process

BATCH #19 COFFEE - Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Natural Process  
From literally the birthplace of coffee, this is handpicked organic coffee that is hand-picked, dried and with the fruit removed in mill (as opposed to soaking). Little pieces of the fruit remain on the beans which result in a fuller-bodied coffee with hints of fruit on both the nose and palate. We kept the roast slightly lighter than normal dark roast to let some of the subtle fruit and wine flavors show.

BATCH #19 BARREL - Merlot
This barrel held some of our Estate Merlot from Bootjack Ranch and was emptied in the late Summer for our Reserve Super Paso blend. Dark plum and cherry notes made this barrel a great candidate for our coffee program! The darker fruit mirror the fruit notes in the unwashed coffee beans and the roast level allows aromas and flavors from both to take center stage.


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