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Spring menu

items served in tiffins and picnic baskets. please let us know if you have any questions!


Seafood risotto arancini with tomato, garlic, sherry vinegar sauce
5 for 12



Roasted chicken thigh, fennel, pan sauce spike with house vinegar and cream 

Grilled Morro Bay Wild King Salmon, leeks, lemony dressing

Fresh pasta, fava beans, cured pork, preserved tomatoes, aged sheep's milk cheese

Chickpea pancake, asparagus, spinach and cauliflower purée

Pan-roasted Flannery beef striploin, brandy-peppercorn sauce

Salads & sides

Garden green salad, citrus vinaigrette

Roasted baby beets, endive, walnuts and Rogue River blue cheese

Pork and chicken terrine, radishes and pickles

Farmer’s cheese and roasted spring onion dip 

House fries, Big Sur sea salt

Sourdough focaccia, leavened and baked daily, served with butter

Marinated olives

seasonal ice creams

Citrus Sorbet

Double chocolate brownie, hot fudge, vanilla ice cream, cocoa nib

Strawberry Rosé Sorbet 

Strawberry cobbler, vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries

wine By the glass

2020 Sauvignon Blanc - 10
2020 Albarino - 10
2020 Pinot Noir Rose - 10

2018 Reserve Silhouette du Coeur - 13
2017 Reserve Chardonnay - 16
2018 Cabernet Sauvignon - 16
2018 Reserve Pinot Noir - 19
2017 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Heart Hill Vineyard - 19
2017 Reserve Twisted Spur, Heart Hill Vineyard - 19

2017 Fog Catcher - 25


Hot Coffee - 5 
made with Joebella coffee beans and your choice of sweetener and cream/oat milk

Pellegrino - 4 sm / 6 lrg

Coca Cola - 5


Deli Case

to-go options from some of our favorite artisans and producers. Club savings of 20-25% apply to all products.

"Prairie Breeze" - 14
aged, cheddar style cow's milk
Milton Creamery, Iowa

"Monterey Jack" - 14
raw cow's milk (and the only monterey jack made in monterey!)
Schoch Family Farms, Monterey CA

"East of Edam" - 14
raw cow's milk, gouda style
Schoch Family Farms, Monterey CA

"Terra di Sienna" Salami - 55
salami made by the great-grandson of the personal butcher of the Royal Family in the 19th century (it's good salami)
Terra di Sienna, Virginia

"Maison Marc" Pickles - 24
hand picked and packaged, pesticide and herbicide free pickles
Chemilly-sur-Yonne, Bourgogne France 

Shallot Jam - 12
made by our kitchen team

Garden Seedlings

Assorted seedlings from our Chef's Garden are available in our garden shop. Lettuce, bunchin' onions, yarrow, sugar snap peas and more may be available. Ask your server where you can browse!

Large - 6 
Small - 3

Thanks for joining us today! ❤