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August 28, 2015 | Wine News

Barrel Conditioned Coffee

In collaboration with Joebella Coffee Roasters, welcome to the first socially acceptable way to get your wine fix before 8am 

Green (unroasted) coffee beans are very porous, and will rapidly absorb the scents and characters that surround them. Historically, importers had to be wary of this trait, as their coffee could absorb unwanted characteristics from everything they came into contact with prior to roasting. As resident geeks of anything barrel aged or fermented, we became interested in experimenting with these qualities, and found an engaged (and arguably geekier) partner in the roasters at JOEBELLA Coffee Roasters.

We started these aging experiments in late 2014, and hand-select beans of different origins for each barrel. So far, we have aged and roasted 13 batches, each with a different combination of bean & barrel.


NINER Barrels being steam-cleaned at the winery

Green, unroasted coffee beans at Joebella

Where all the magic happens: all coffee is small-batch roasted in this machine 

Dumping the freshly roasted beans into this bin, where the turning arm will help rapidly cool them

The finished product!



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