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e-Gift Card
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Our e-gift cards are a great way to send someone a little Paso Robles pick me up. You can purchase online and an email containing the gift code will be sent directly to the recipient with a customized message from you!

To purchase online enter your own information under "Billing Information" and your recipient's information under "Shipping Information." The email address you put there will be where the email containing the gift code is sent (click here for an example of what that email will look like). Be sure to customize your gift with a note in the "Gift Message" section! 

How far will your gift go?
suggestions for what your recipient could spend their e-gift card on:

 • $50 - "Estate Wine Lover" - allows the recipient to order 1 bottle of our Estate Wines plus cover shipping costs 

 • $75 - "Reserve Wine Lover" - allows the recipient to order 1 bottle of a Reserve wine plus cover shipping costs 

 • $100 - "Lunch for Two at NINER" - perfect amount for an appetizer, two entrees & a bottle of wine at our Restaurant

 • $150 - "Day at the Estate" - lunch for two and a few bottles of wine to take home with them

 • $200 - "Lunch and a Tour" - lunch for two at our Restaurant & a Winery Tour

Please note that the gift cards are not tied to any specific combination listed above or guaranteed to cover specific costs and just serve to give you an estimate.

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