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Coffee + Wine Pairing
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Coffee + Wine Pairing
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A fun way to enjoy our barrel aged coffee, this package pairs our coffee with the same wine that the barrel we aged it in held! In this case, you get to taste Indonesian Flores Coffee beans aged in a French Oak Syrah Barrel with our 2013 Reserve Syrah. 

The Flores region of Indonesia is an island rife with volcanoes, both active and not. Volcanic ash from these mountains has created especially fertile soils that coffee beans thrive in. The region is known for producing extremely floral with light chocolate & wood notes, and the specific beans we used shows off those traits. 

The floral nature of the coffee beans made a Syrah barrel a simple choice for us. Our Heart Hill Vineyard Syrah is well-known for its dark fruit & spicy pepper notes, and these components melded perfectly with the floral notes of the coffee. 


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