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Barrel Aged Coffee
Cab Barrel-Aged

Barrel Aged Coffee

The result of a happy marriage between coffee & wine, our barrel conditioned coffee program combines some of our red wine barrels with freshly roasted local coffee from JOEBELLA Coffee Roasters. The result of each batch we make: a new (and socially acceptable) way to get your wine fix before 8am. Click here to learn about our coffee making process

BATCH #16 COFFEE - Blue Flores
“Blue” Flores, a rare Arabica specialty coffee, is produced by the small holding farmers of Bhajawa ethnicity living near the volcanic highlands of Inerie Volcano. Coffee is described as fruit forward, herbal spice, velvety body, savory citrus acidity. Very clean profile highlighting its flavor. 

BATCH #16 BARREL - Cabernet Sauvignon
We emptied this particular barrel when we bottled our 2015 Twisted Spur blend in February. The barrel had ample fruit and spiciness left which made it an ideal candidate for our coffee program. 


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