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Barrel Aged Coffee
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Barrel Aged Coffee
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The result of a happy marriage between coffee & wine, our barrel conditioned coffee program combines some of our red wine barrels with freshly roasted local coffee from JOEBELLA Coffee Roasters. The result of each batch we make: a new (and socially acceptable) way to get your wine fix before 8am. Click here to learn about our coffee making process

BATCH #17 COFFEE - Organic Indonesian Sumatra – Wet Hulled
This coffee hails from the Ketiara Cooperative which is an organization that represents nearly 2000 members, the majority of which are women. This batch is denoted as 'Adsenia' which identifies it as coming from a specific group of around 500 female farmers. These beans have been triple-sorted, which means the cherries go through defect removals three different times before processing, depulped and sundried before roasting. This coffee has hints of stone fruit and earthy tobacco combined with rich dark chocolate notes on the finish. The medium roast on this bean allows some of the stone fruit & wine flavors come through more.

BATCH #17 BARREL - Cabernet Sauvignon
This barrel held some of our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and was emptied in the early Spring. Bright fruit notes and preserved oak aromas from the wine impact made this barrel a perfect candidate for our coffee program! The fruit flavors bring a delightful balance to the earthy notes in the coffee bean and we are thrilled with the result of this batch.

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