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Barrel Aged Coffee
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Barrel Aged Coffee
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The result of a happy marriage between coffee & wine, our barrel conditioned coffee program combines some of our red wine barrels with freshly roasted local coffee from JOEBELLA Coffee Roasters. The result of each batch we make: a new (and socially acceptable) way to get your wine fix before 8am. Click here to learn about our coffee making process

BATCH #16 COFFEE - Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Natural Process
From literally the birthplace of coffee, this is handpicked organic coffee that is hand-picked, dried and with the fruit removed in mill (as opposed to soaking). Little pieces of the fruit remain on the beans which result in a fuller-bodied coffee with hints of fruit on both the nose and palate. A medium roast on this bean lets some of the subtle fruit & wine flavors show more.

BATCH #16 BARREL - Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Batch #16 of Coffee was also a Cabernet Sauvignon barrel & we loved the result so much we chose a barrel from the last lot for this batch. This barrel came from our Twisted Spur bottling in February and had a bit darker fruit notes & an oaky, barrel impression left which made it an ideal candidate for our coffee program.

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