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pop-up DINNERS in wine country

dinners that combine high-end ingredients with family-style service for an unforgettable food & wine event

Our pop-up dinners are more casual extensions of our restaurant philosophy and are served family-style on the first Thursday of every month at our Restaurant. Each night will have an entertaining theme, ingredient or dish that drives what we serve. Chat with your table neighbors, enjoy our estate wines by the glass and relax! Tickets are $65 pp and $55 for our Wine Club Members.

fruta del mar

may 4th // see the menu ►

tamale, tamale, tamale

June 1st // see the menu ►


july 6th // see the menu ►


august 3rd // see the menu ►

a pho (nominal) night

september 7th // see the menu ►

chicken & waffles night

october 5th // see the menu ►

beef wellington night

november 2nd // see the menu ►